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Schedule your event with Stephen Today

Follow the link to have Stephen come share his story at your event. 

     I am constantly asked why I don't charge a speaker fee.  Each time, I give the same answer. I believe that the message is  too important to prevent someone hearing it because of a speaker fee. 


     I never thought I would be accused of a crime.  But when I did, I made the decision that I would do everything in my power to educate others from my mistakes. The bottom line is that I could have prevented what happened to me.  It was well within my power.  I can never go back and change what happened, however I can try each and every day to make something positive result from it.  If speaking about my experience can help just a single person, speaking for free will be well worth it.


     For events that require extensive travel, I do request that the group for which I am speaking pay the cost of my travel and lodging.  Other than that, there is no charge! 



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